GPO Folder Redirection - Server 2008 R2

I've setup a GPO to handle folder redirection on my 2008 R2 Server but had the mistake of checking the Exclusive Rights open.  I've got a half dozen folders which were created before I turned the silly Exclusive Rights off.  

My delima how is how to set the permissions on those folders so the domain admins can access them.  I've read a half million articles and none seem to be clear as to the best way to handle this issue ...

Thanks for all your help ...

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Nick RhodeConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
I turned off folder redirection (in the gpo there is an option that states to move the files back to their original locations).  Turned off exclusive rights and turned folder redirection back on.  This way the files get re-written and get the proper inherited permissions.

I can't remember if I removed the empty folders from redirected area once all the files were moved off or not etc.
SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
You should be able to just add the domain admins group with full access rights to the individual folders. This will let you into them without issues. You may need to take ownership and then add the user individual user permissions into the root folder for full access as well. So to break it down:

1. Take ownership of the folder
2. add the user with full access permissions
3. add domain admin's group with full access permissions.

This will take care of it.
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