Unable to load assembly group. The user assembly group provider was unable to provide any user assemblies for the specified assembly group.

Receiving this error preventing a itemadded EventReceiver from working. I deployed the code below in a sandbox test envionment, and retracted it. I cannot get this error to go away. Eveytime my new event Receiver tries to trigger, this is produced.

How do I succesfully remove any remains of this old event receiver: ItemAdding

Error loading and running event receiver ItemAdding.EventReceiver1.EventReceiver1 in ItemAdding, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=6070bdb4749d8c90. Additional information is below.

Unable to load assembly group. The user assembly group provider was unable to provide any user assemblies for the specified assembly group.
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BKennedy2008Author Commented:
I reset the password, and also reset to administrator domain account for the  sandbox code service and resarted the service.
Rainer JeschorCommented:
have not yet run into this issue, but could you perhaps deactivate the feature(s), retract and remove your solution, then run a IISRESET on all SharePoint frontend servers and restart the sandbox code service.
Before adding the solution, try if the there is still a reference to the event receiver on that list. If not, then deploy your solution again.

What does your farm look like (how many servers,...)?
Which SharePoint version and edition?
Which accounts are used for the web application and the sandbox code service?
Is it a dev or production environment?

Thanks and HTH

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BKennedy2008Author Commented:
Thanks Rainer-
I know how to retract, but you say remove (is this all the same process of retracting from VS2010 or is there another part to Remove? When I retracted them, there was no reference to the eventreceiver in manage site features, but it has to be somewhere because I then get event viewer error 6875 each time another eventreceiver is ran,

The request could not be completed because the specified solution was not found.

Just 1 box in the farm, all in onne with SPS2010 Foundation Server. (I have a Licensed 2010 Enterprise edition, not sure if I need it right now) vers 14.0.7102.5004. (I upgraded it the lastest SP Aug 2013)
THe accounts are the web and Sandbox service are the same (Account with admin rights)
This is production SPS.

I have all of the eventreceivers on the box still, and I will ensure they are all retracted and then reset IIS and Sandbox. It was suggested that I use powershell to delete all event receivers, then re-deploy the ones I want. Do you think this will clean it up?
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