Drupal - <ul> & <li>

Don't <ul> & <li> work in Drupal?

Here's the code (block)

<div class="sixteen columns">
<img alt="" src="/sites/default/files/golf services.jpg" style="float:left;" /><br/><br/>
<span style="height:15px;">&nbsp;</span>
<p>At AMC, we understand that your golf course irrigation system is a critical tool in maintaining playability and golfer satisfaction.   We respond to your needs with total support to help you minimize downtime and reduce hassles. <br><br>
Our factory-certified service technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment, as well as a large inventory of repair and service parts to resolve issues on the spot. <br><br>
You can depend on our commitment to keep your irrigation system operating at its best.<br><br>
Our services include:<br><br></p>
<li><p>System diagnostics and repair</p></li><br>
<li>Communications using wire, radio, phone and network</li>
<li>Grounding installation and verification</li>
<li>Location of system components</li>
<li>Software programming and optimization, upgrades</li>
<li>Weather station calibration and repair</li>
<p>AMC’s total customer support ensures your irrigation system's performance and long-term dependability.    Protect your system and your reputation with our dedicated support.



Go to http://www.amcindustries.com/content/golf-support to see the result.

How can i FORCE them to work in Drupal???
Richard KortsAsked:
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Aaron FeledyDrupal Developer and ConsultantCommented:
This is a css issue. Your css currently removes any list styling. You'll need to add some to your theme. Something like the following should do the trick:

.sixteen.columns ul {
    list-style: disc;
    margin-left: 30px;

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Richard KortsAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that worked great.

But as I have said REPEATEDLY in the past, why would I use Drupal? Have to use custom css to incorporate a BASIC feature of html?

It's incredibly difficult (things like this that should be obvious), it's much harder to "program" than html / php & it is in NO WAY a "content management" system that the average user could have a clue?

So what does it gain?
Aaron FeledyDrupal Developer and ConsultantCommented:
This particular case was that the theme you are using cleared the list styles. Drupal on its own doesn't do that.
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That, and you don't have to choose to use it. There is no point to complaining repeatedly on this service to volunteer experts in Drupal. You will not convince us that Drupal is unusable because we use it every day successfully. Drupal has many advantages over straight php and html. It all depends on your use case as well as your willingness to learn. As arrow_1 said above, this wasn't Drupal's doing. It was your theme. I apologize if this comes across harshly, but it is tiresome to hear people bash Drupal who don't take the time to learn it. Perhaps I speak for myself, but I offer my volunteer guidance to those who do want to learn it.
Richard KortsAuthor Commented:
To juniplle,

I am VERY GRATEFUL for answers given by arrow_1 and others. Whenever I post an EE question on Drupal, I hope he/she will be one of the respondents.

I realize my critique of Drupal has been harsh; in my view, justifiably so. I have many times been very frustrated by the difficulty of accomplishing things in Drupal. Yes, it was my choice to select it, not knowing what I was getting in for.

But there is no point in arguing about Drupal here. Software and technology is like religion; you can't argue any point & expect to win.

I consider EE overall to be an EXCELLENT resource; I use it all the time & I have told many others that I have found it possible to get an answer about 90% of the time; sometimes tediously but most of the time just like this case here; the right answer in minutes & trivial to implement.

So I certainly hope that EE continues and for a LOOOOOONG time.
Well said, thank you. There are a few books that help tremendously with developing in Drupal. One is Pro Drupal Development and the other is The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7. They may be the analgesic you need to avoid the headaches.

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