How do you create TFS work item by using a URL

I have an external software called Track-it that is used by our help desk team.  This software has the ability to create an icon to launch TFS using url and also pass parameters with the url.  How can I create a url that will open a new work item with project name, title, assigned to and description.  So far if I do the following:


 it opens up a new work item, but I need it fill in the values that I mentioned above and I don't know how to create the url.  I need the new workitem to belong in a project called photos, a title called "photo ids", a assigned to value of "John", and a description saying "photoid program is having a problem".  How can you expand the above shown url to have these things?

thanks for the help community

countyprobSystem AnalystAsked:
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Brad HoweConnect With a Mentor DevOps ManagerCommented:
This method is not possible. TFS Works items are create via the TFS API or via OData.

Extending Work Item Tracking by Using the Client Object Model for Team Foundation

The link above as sample code for you to create a tool do to that.

Wish it was possible the other way as well to just add parameters to the url string.

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