Creating Vector Art in PowerPoint

Is it possible to create vector art in PowerPoint?  I like (and understand) PowerPoint for design purposes but ultimately I need vector art files for professional printing (labels, etc...).

Free solutions are always appreciated but I'm willing to pay for an app if that's what it takes.

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Yes. The drawing tools create vectors. Group them, then right-click and Save as Picture. Save as EMF or WMF.

You can open the EMF / WMF in Illustrator and re-save as EPS if necessary. You can also change to CMYK, etc., there.

For that matter, you can copy your drawing objects in PPT and paste directly into Illustrator.

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Sounds like you need a program similar to Adobe Illustrator.  A free one you can try is Inkscape which is OpenSource.  Here is the link:
DarinOBrienAuthor Commented:
I saved the PPT file as a WMF file and then opened it in InkScape.  It worked great EXCEPT one problem.  One element of the PPT slide was a logo in BMP.  When I open the file in InkScape, the logo part is missing.  

Any suggestions?

Well, a bitmap image is not a vector image, that's probably why it didn't go over.  If you have BMP file, I believe you can either embed or link to this file.  Check out the help file under Importing an Image.  I believe you can also convert a BMP image to a vector image.  Again you'd have to look it up in their Help file as I've only tried Inkscape once and found I didn't have a need for this type of program.
DarinOBrienAuthor Commented:
I was able to get vector PDF file for the logo and that worked great.  Thanks for the excellent help!

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