Backing up MacBook Air Lion & Mountian Lion via WiFi with FileVault encryption enabled

The challenge here appears to be that TimeMachine doesn't support encrypting backups in a native fashion if the backup destination is across a network connection, and TimeMachine fails miserably over WiFi. Can't tell you how many hours of research & real-world experience I've been through to learn that.

So I'm about to download Carbon Copy Cloner to see if it can work across a WiFi connection.

But first, a question: If I have FileVault enabled on the Macintosh HD and I run a backup of that hard drive, does that backup retain any FileVault encryption? Is the backup encrypted and how do I tell? Thanks!
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The back up will NOT be encrypted.

The initial file vault backup should be via ethernet, but subsequent ones should work over wifi if you have a strong connection.

For instance, I have my time capsule in the bassement and time machine backups work fine from the main floor, but not from the second floor.

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