Can't access my IP camera from the internet

I have my IP camera set up and working fine on my LAN. It is on port 1025 and I have setup port forwarding in my router from the camera device to my local IP address ( for both UDP and TCP to port 1025. The camera's IP address is fixed to Using the address in my browser I can see the camera fine and use the soft controls to operate the slew, focus, etc of the camera, as well as take snapshots and record the video. So far all good.

When I try to access the camera from outside my LAN, I get nothing in my browser when I type the external IP address, followed by a colon and my port address, ie nnn.nnn.nn.nn:1025. I don't have a static IP address and I have yet to set up DDNS. Firstly I just want to prove it works OK with the currently allocated external IP address. I can access my router from within my LAN using the external IP address but not from the internet. I have enabled and disabled my router firewall which seems to make no difference. I did try my router's remote access feature which did allow me into the router using port 11480 and a username /password. So the router is accessible from the Internet via the router’s remote access feature but not by any other address I try.
I think I've done everything right and have spent an awful amount of time trawling the internet for suggestions and solutions but none have yet worked. The router is a Technicolor TG587n-v3.

Any suggestions/help would be much appreciated.
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Try setting the remote access on your IP camera to port 11480 if possible
AlanJBonifaceAuthor Commented:
Hi. Tried that but when I try to set the same port for the NAT, it won't accept it - says it is already being used (by the remote access I guess). Thanks anyway.
Are you able to test the connection with TELNET on port 1025 from the internet?

Here is a link from Symantec with steps to use TELNET
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Soulja53 6F 75 6C 6A 61 Commented:
Which device is using the .64 address and which is using the .125?

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AlanJBonifaceAuthor Commented:
Hi all

Thanks for your comments to date.

I have managed to find the answer by linking to port forwarding to the camera IP address, ie and not the PC IP address As soon as I changed the port forward to the camera it works and I now have the DDNS set up and working correctly in the router. Each tutorial I'd reviewed had me port forward to the IP address as found when doing an IPCONFIG command in the CMD screen, ie the IPv4 address, which is my PC. I did't know what I didn't know so used this when it dawned on me yesterday afternoon that it probably should be the camera IP address, ie, I should be forwarding to.

So all's well now and thanks again for your help.
I have same problem. Thought I could follow your solution but my router is forwarding to the port in the IP address of the camera, not to the IP address of the computer. I cannot access the IP camera through the internet by using: http://external IP:port number.
Can anyone help on this?
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