Good External Backup HDD for using on a MAC Book Pro

Hi, can you recommend me a good reliable External Backup HDD to be used on a Macbok Pro Laptop? (It is a 15 inch, from around 2 1/2 years old)

I do not know what are the name of the ports in this laptop (Usb 3, Fire wire, minidisplay port.. etc) But maybe you can help me find out.

I dont think there is a need for speed here... it will just be saved as a backup for a laptop.

So far i have found these:

WD My Book Studio 3TB Mac External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0

WD My Book Studio 3 TB FireWire 800 External Hard Drive

Seagate Backup Plus 3 TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive for Mac

LaCie 3 TB Porsche Design P'9230 USB 3.0

LaCie 3 TB Minimus Hard Disk USB 3.0

Which of these is the best? or any other suggestion of brand and program?

Thanks in advance
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Any disk is fine. Personally I prefer getting an empty external USB or firewire case or dock, and then buy a standard HD to use in that device. That way you can have more than 1 external disks (having data or backups in just one place is a bad idea, as all disks will eventually die), which means you are much more flexible. The individual disks are also much less expensive that way. I prefer docks, as you just drop the disk in, without having to touch screws etc.:
unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
Sorry, i forgot to mention that it should be at least 2 TB, or 3TB even better...

Ded9: thanks, but the one you mention is a little expensive, and has less capacity than what i need.  Besides, i think that the wireless feature is of no real use for me.  Thanks anyway
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I think hard drive with more than 1T requires external power source...if you are comfortable with that then you can go for seagate or wd hard drives.

New external hard drive have features to backup data to dropbox, google drive etc.

unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
Rindi: Interesting idea... i will think about it. But so what you do then is that you use a 3rd party software to do the backups right?   I might go this way for my own external HDD (which i made another separate question_ Link: Good External Backup HDD for using on 3 PCs). This HDD for a MAC is for my girlfriend, so i need somehting that is easy for here to use and manage...

By the way i have a  ThermalTake BlacX external dock (2 or 3 years old but like new, almost without use), please let me know if this one is like the ones you recommend, or if i need something else. Also, what would you use for your several Drives when you change them from the case? I mean do you store them in some kind of archiving box?  Maybe like this ones? :
eForCity SATA HDD Hard Drive Storage Case, 3.5 INCH, Clear
IO Crest 3.5-Inch IDE/SATA HDD Storage Box SY-ACC35009 (Orange)

Rindi, are those external case enclosure you mention as reliable as the "cases" that come in the Seagate, WD, or even Lacie HDDs that i mentioned on the original question above?
You  can use whatever software you want for backing up. It doesn't have to be 3rd party. On OS-X you should for example be able to use the time-machine, but of course you can also use anything else. Also with OS-X, you can use the Disk Utility to image your internal disk.

I think docks and cases are equally reliable. But if it should break, getting a replacement is painless, you can still use the disks you had been using previously. If a disk breaks, just get another disk. If you get a finished product with the disk already inside, you have to replace the complete package if only part of it breaks, particularly if you want to make use of the warranty... Apart from that, some of those finished products use drives with legacy connectors and interfaces inside, so you can't always remove the disk and connect it directly to the PC to keep on using it.

I don't know the product you have, but it probably is fine.

I really don't care where I store my disks, as long as it is somewhere as far away from the PC's as possible. But of course a secure box is better than my method.

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unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
RINDI: And what kind of Drive do you recommend for your method? I dont need them to be ultra fast, since is only for Backup, but i prefer reliability.

Should I go for Western Digital Black, Red, Blue, etc?  Or the equivalent on Seagate? What do you think is better solution for Backup, without breaking the bank of course....

By the way, what kind of drives do this WD, and Seagate Finished External HDD Products have inside?  I had one Seagate External HDD 4 years ago that didnt last me long....very few use and it died...
Any consumer grade drives will do fine.

As I think I have already mentioned, every drive will fail, also the expensive ones. With the expensive drives you might get longer warranty. Also, the warranty will replace the drive, but the data on the bad drive will be gone. In my point of view it is better to get some cheap drives than rely on one expensive one.

I don't use any finished external drives myself, so I don't know which ones use the special disks. But I've heard of WD that have some of those. I think it is also less likely to get such a product if it is 3.5" than with the smaller 2.5" disks.
unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your recommendations. I have decided to go with the  LACIE Minimus. This Macbook is my girlfriends laptop, so when i showed her all the options, she liked the Minimus the most by its looks....

One thing that i liked about the Minimus is that it had a power off button and that it layed horizontally, that way less chance of tumbling it and damaging it. The WD Book could also be layed horizontally, but well, looks won this time...

I cross my fingers it proves as a good drive. I will try out the back up software as well as time machine and the others recommended as soon as the Drive arrives.

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