Where to download Windows NT 4 Service Pack 6 High Encryption?

Hi NT4 gurus, if still any :-))

for some reasons I need to set up a NT 4 server with SQL Server 2000 to be running on top of it. As a requirement, NT 4 SP6 must be installed before SQL.

the Windows NT 4 Server is from a MSDN version image named en_winnt_4.0_svr.iso with SHA1 hashed e3fc54114da8a4c837644b54b7ef75af30f10a30. this version of NT 4 seems like a high encryption edition as i got the following error message when applying SP6 (SP6I386.EXE obtained from Visual Studio .NET on MSDN Disc 2435.4) to it.

Service Pack Setup Error
do you know where to download a high encryption version of SP6 of Windows NT 4? or somewhere on the MSDN or TechNET discs? i tried searching it from Microsoft sites and seems like the giant has stopped offering any support to the old OS including the download links of the SP files.

i have to come back here seeking for your help...

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bbaoIT ConsultantAsked:
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To work around this issue and prevent the version-number scanner from comparing the Schannel.dll file versions:

    Use any text editor (such as Notepad) to open the Update.inf file in the I386\Update folder in the service pack source files.
    Place a semicolon (;) before the reference to the Schannel.dll, Security.dll, and Ntlmssps.dll files in the [CheckSecurity.System32.files] section of the Update.inf file.
    Save and then close the Update.inf file.
    Install the service pack.



Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
See here

Not surprising that you have found problems finding these - Support for NT4 officially ended in 2004 - almost 10 years ago !
bbaoIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
sorry for the late reply.

after heaps of googling, i have downloaded several versions of SP6a for high encryption, but they are in different sizes (a bit) and of course with different MD5/SHA checksums

now i am confused on which version is untouched genuine.

do you know where to find the correct checksum for the aged service pack?

thanks again.
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