Need a software to read a video file and to send it on DV25 format via fireware.

Dear experts

For testing purposes I need to use a computer with IEEE1394 port /I have the hardware/ to send a video file. Could you please recommend me which software is proper for the purpose? It will be great to be free,  and It will work under XP or Win 7 – I have almost no requirements, my requirement is to be able to send the signal in DV25 format.

It will be stuped to be forced to buy a camcoder for to get such signal for 1 week testing ...
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dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
More information required.

Do you wish to pull video from a video camera down to a computer?  And the computer has a 1394 port?

If so look at DVIO

There is also WinDV
dvplayltdAuthor Commented:
I want just to send a video file via iEEE1394 to other computer where I to test my own capture solution with IEEE1394. Of course, both computers have IEEE1394.

And one note - I want to send video (and audion) in PAL/NTSC mode. I guess this should be done with format of video file, right ? I will need to make a .AVI in DV25 format and to send it , for now DVIO look like I need it, tomorrow will do a test.

I take a look over WinDV before I ask here, but it do not look like a solution.
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