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Outlook 2013 on Windows 7 32bit

I had to blow out my computer that we got in 2006. It still works greats.  So I use it do download all my email from Exchange / Pop and update the others.  I used to use TwInBox by Techit.  I still do but they  go into an OST file instead.  

Now since I am using this on my main box for email / media, do I need TwInBox installed on my other machines?  I would think not since it is an OST file and not a local PST File.

At the end of the month, I move those Tweets to a local PST file.

This one is using Windows 7 32G but I handle the move with the Windows 8 64G &G RAM.

Is there an easy way to maybe do this - this system is brand new but Outlook still crashes.  It is supposed to be able to handle 25G but moving / coping the emails seems to be a bit tougher

Thank you

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