how to access microsoft server 2012 control panel

I have just subscribed to a Microsoft Server 2012 cloud server on 1 & 1 and can't work out how to access the control panel. I need to add an IP address.
The remote desktop only provides something called "Server Manager" and I can't work out how to use it ? Windows power shell is available, can I use that to invoke the Control Panel.
I am familiar with windows server 2003 where you would use:
Start->Control Panel->Network Connections
But there is no such obvious facility in the Windows 2012 virtual server that I have subscribed to.

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alcindorAuthor Commented:
I had just found how to get the Start button to appear as I have also just installed my first windows 8 OS yesterday and wondered if pointing to the bottom left corner might do something. Is there a way of having the start button permanently displayed ?
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
I downloaded classic start menu which acts as the windows button for that feature.  Makes a world of difference
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