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Citrix XenApp6.5

I need to publish an application that runs from the users' desktop.  I have published applications on the Citrix servers and users can log into Citrix and access those applications; however, we want users to be able to access the application directly from their workstation instead of logging into Citrix.  Can someone point me into the right direction or if there are some step-by-step instructions on the internet, that would be great.

Thank you.
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Kent Dyer
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Do you have XenClient installed for you client desktops?

It has been quite a while since I used Citrix, but I would assume it would be pretty similar to what I had used where you would have published application sets and you can define once the client is installed, you would point the client to your farm and then refresh the application set, which would in turn populate you application set you have defined for the clients.  In the application set, you can also define which stay within the client and which get copied a desktop "shortcuts."

I had previously published a KiXtart script that built a connection to our Citrix Farm, refreshed the Application set and placed the icons as defined..  I am pretty sure it is still over on ..


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Oh and for the record - XenClient is utterly irrelevant to what the OP is after, Kent - that (XC) is a type-1 (bare metal) hypervisor for virtualising multiple desktops on workstations.

Nor would scripts be of much use as they still, ultimately, require the user to provide a logon to the server, even for published applications.
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Thanks for all of the responses!  Unfortunately, I have not had any time to try any of the responses but I am hoping to look into this later this week or early next week.

Again, thank you!
This has been resolved.  Since I was/am still pretty new to Citrix, I did not know how to publish it where when users log onto their workstations, they have the Citrix icon in their system tray and already logged into Citrix for that application or others.  Was not familiar with the pnagent and which server to use but I resolved it.

This can be closed.  Thanks for all the responses.

Since I am fairly new to Citrix, I may not have worded the question that clearly so some of the responses were very detailed including this one and what I needed to find out once I had it published was about the pnagent.