Disabling "margins are set outside printable area" message in Word 2010

I run into this a lot. Here's an example.
I create a document wherein on each page I have a four cell table, two columns/two rows, that fill the entire page edge to edge, and top to bottom. Within each table, the cells have exactly the same margins and contents while the contents do differ from table to table. The table and cells are formatted to have NO border lines. This is done so that I can cut the pages printed into identically sized 1/4 page sheets. The page margins need to be set to 0" in order to have all the quarters exactly the same size. Even though the table/cells extend all the way into the unprintable area, the margins of the cells are set to where nothing is in the unprintable area.
When I print, I get the error message "margins are set outside printiable area". I understand this is logical because Word cannot know if there is something to print in that area or not. Unfortunately, Word tells me this for each page that has these same margins so I cannot just tell Word to print and go on to something else while it accomplishes that since I have to keep telling Word to ignore the error.
So, what I'm looking for is a way to disable that message so that Word will just print without my input.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I run into this as well. What I do is move those table margins inside the page margins. That reduces a tiny amount of space, but it is an easier and neater solution in general and there is no message. I do this a lot (over 95% of the time).

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BobArnettAuthor Commented:
That does work but in doing it that way, to arrive at the desired format I have to then set:
1. all the right margins of the cells in the left column to the same value as the left page  margin,
2. all the left margins of the cells in the right column to the same value as the right page margin,
3. all the bottom margins of the cells in the top row to the same value as the page top margin, and
4. all the top margins of the cells in the bottom row to the same value as the page bottom margin.
This way when I quarter the paper after printing, all the quarters have the same margins.
I was hoping for a simpler solution
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I do not think the message can be disabled, so then I think:
(a) you need to set up inside the paper and, ergo, no message. This is the way I work.
(b) set up as you need, but then deal with the message when it comes.

.... Thinkpads_User
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would it be possible to set up a macro to print the document and use On Error Resume Next or something like that to suppress the error message?

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BobArnettAuthor Commented:
Great idea! That will work just fine.
Thank you, it was just a thought - hope it works!
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