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Charts on MS/ACCESS 2012

I am exploring a database I have of economic indicators.
It has a fairly simple structure (1 TABLE... and a twin of it that was used in a first version).

Now I am just willing to extract a few charts from selected records.

I have already developed a crosstab query and it work perfect, report REGION / Indicator / Year Average.

Now all I want is to chart this (1 chart per indicator, the Y axis is the REGION and the X axis, the Years value (average for all countries in a region)

The table contains the COUNTRY / YEAR / REGION / INDICATOR /VALUE, but, no matter how, it won't produce the chart.
Hou do I do it?

(I am attaching the database, just in case)
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You forgot to attach your database.
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Just let me add a bit.
My final idea is to have a 50 page report, 1 chart per "Indicator Name"
each chart plots 2 series: one per "Study Region Code" (Y-AXIS)  against the values I need (average, total, stdev,or some calculated in between)  etc... for the 1960..2012 years in X-AXIS.

My problem is that I am using the graphic object and it always does not link to a source.

I am attaching again the database with the new failing report
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I have found the problem; it was a major misunderstanding from me of ms/access functionality. It looks that it is ate least one version below ms/excel...

Now answering to yor question: actually I am not using WB table but the Integrated_Data table thas is normalized.

Anyway, you already helped me quite a lot in the past, so I am putting all the points to your answer.

I am still struggling with formats inside the chart but it is coming and if you want to check I'll upload the database again.
Thanks a lot!
Actually neither table is normalized.  If you see repeating fields in your table, that's a big hint.  For this to be normalized, you would have one table for CountryName, CountryCode, and StudyRegionCode, another table for IndicatorName, and IndicatorShortName, and lastly your table of Years and Values.  

That's why I wanted to find out if this was a one time deal or not.  If it is and you don't intend to add anymore data or re-import then normalizing may not be such a big deal.

What's interesting is that you run queries to create your Integrated table and then use that to create a crosstab for your report.  The thing is, your WB table is already set up like a crosstab.  
Here's a revised version showing just the wb_averages report using a query based off your WB table.
Thanks a lot!!!!!

You are right - this is a one time job to get things quick and dirty. And thanks for the hint. I'll manage from that.

Now I am on to chart and comment charts.......