Locating a Mini Social Media Site

We are an HOA with about 37 sub-HOAs.  Every other month, someone prints out a list of the people in our sub-HOA, with the phone numbers, work and those numbers, emergency number, children and DOBs

Every two years, a little phone directory comes out with everyone listed

I am looking for something that the people can register (still debating over husband / wife / both).  And if the child is over 13, he / she can register, otherwise the parent can list them. And when they register, they can choose what to show and to who (i.e. maybe their name to the HOA and their address / phone / children to the sub-HOA they are in)

And then we would have classifieds:
One for the businesses - if the business ha a LinkedIn or any other Social Media, maybe tie that in for the updates
One of the SOHO - same as above
One for people wanting to sell / buy / trade, etc
Then one of the kids - if they want to mow yards, baby-sit, etc.  And they would pick which sub-HOA(s) they can be in.  Plus hopefully people will give them references.  


We have a Foursquare and Twitter account.  I would like to maybe get a cell number and choose times when it is OK to page them if an animal goes missing.  And maybe the same for the local business.

And then say if someone donates the money and helps to become an NPO, we have some status symbols, like the local chamber of commerce or something.   And the more they help, they bigger the status (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond?).  

Right now, we have a few different websites, but they all cost something to put something in.  I reached out to ZohoPlus but did not hear back.

Any ideas on some type of software package that could handle all or most of this and then maybe get quotes on adding everything?

I know this will cost money, my attorney recommended I get a NPO.  So that is going to be on there.  

I am sure I will think of more, - like Admininstrators, Moderators (of certain sections), etc.

But I am trying to build something for the community - we have about four websites, each one one different levels, one on the HOA, one on the city (we incorporated two years ago), and then a couple of newspaper sites.

Thank you!
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
There seems to be to a lot of private social networks showing up.   Yammer is the first thing that comes to mind but that can be pricey for the amount of owners you might have.  Nextdoor may be a good option https://nextdoor.com/.   Between wordpress or http://www.squarespace.com you may be better off building a site for yourself.  If there is money in the budget, I would hire somebody.  You have a lot of possibilities with that many members. You can automate a lot of functions by having a good system that consists of an admin area, semi private for home owners only and public.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
WordPress with:

1) BuddyPress for social networking/groups (free)

2) bbPress for discussion integration (free)

3) BadgeOS for badges/achievements for donators (free)

4) GravityForms for lots of tasks (get pro version for easy e-commerce, not free)

5) One of many Directory plugins to keep the contact lists, trade lists, etc separate but organized (some free, some not...will depend on exact need)

That should cover most of it for about $200 and time...

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coreybryantAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I will put these up. The ad come out in a couple of weeks.

I am staying away from Yammer.  I have a Office365 account and I was told that if I upgraded to E4, I would get a free Yammer account but their rep. However, they did not tell me I needed to update my DNS servers, so for about a month I was not receiving emails and it has been over three months and still no Yammer acccount.

I'll leave this up for a bit.  We have a few newspapers - they charge - which is fine,  But our "main" website, is a turn of the century.  Everything is done manually by one person.  Basically, I think that it keeps that management company to stay with them.  

Unfortunately - the things that do happen, usually happen too fast and people miss it.  

Thank you!
coreybryantAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay,  my partnership based has been increasing and I have been busy keeping up with that.

Plus working on my websites - re-doing them some.  See like it just never ends. I know I shouldn't be adding something else but I am hoping a developer is in the area that can help.

Thank you!
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