configure outlook 2003 as microsoft exchange server


I have Exchange server 2013 that works great, I configured the clients as outlook anywhere and the server fill auto all the setting.
My problem is that I have two clients that work with outlook 2003 and I have to configure it manually, I know that I need to enter the Manual configuration alias value but I don't know where I can find it, and if it's the same value for each user?

Any advice?
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Imtiaz HashamConnect With a Mentor Technical Director / IT ConsultantCommented:
Good Morning - I take my suggestion back !!!

The technet website doesn't support Outlook 2003 for Exchange 2013. -

There are workarounds with a quick google search but i'd like to give them a miss personally.
Just check how the settings have come out on those PC's that configured themselves, and then use those settings on the ancient outlook versions. You should also make sure that those old PC's get a new outlook version until next June, as m$ support will end for this version, just like it will end for Windows XP.
compx_itAuthor Commented:

I had checked the server is, I should copy it? If yes it's not working, every user that was configured the characters before the is diffrent.
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Imtiaz HashamTechnical Director / IT ConsultantCommented:
Use the NETBIOS Name and then enable RPC/HTTPs for the outlook setup.

Remember, Exchange 2013 uses RPC/HTTPs for all communications :)

compx_itAuthor Commented:
Ok, now I get the user and password, and I tried any possible way to login bat the login screen come.
compx_itAuthor Commented:
You correct I saw it also on microsoft web site that is not supported.
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