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Excel formula required that calculates the total time from start to finish for each date period

I have a spreadsheet that is used to calculate different jobs that my staff do as chauffeurs.

What I would like is a formula that looks at the date column, then the start column for the time work started then finds the row that contains the last input of that date and the finish time and calculates the number of hours on the job.

The thing is that on the spreadsheet there are multiple dates, so it would need to search and find the start and finish time of each date on the spreadsheet and calculate the number of hours on the job for each date, showing the total amount of time on the job for that particular spreadsheet (or the work shown on the spreadsheet).  

The total amount of hours should be shown in the format of [h}:mm and be displayed in cell AB6.

One spreadsheet would normal have about 150 plus jobs on it, over a 15 day period.  So we would use about 150 rows starting from Row A13.

Also, please do not convert or save the spreadsheet in xlsx.  Most of my workers still use the xls format.

For privacy reasons I have remove the prices and Client Names from the spreadsheet.
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Absolutely great.  Works exactly the way I wanted it to.  You guys on Expert Exchange are sheer brilliant.  Best website and team of professionals I have ever come across.  Quick to respond and 9 out 10 times on the mark with success.