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Visual Basic 6.0 generated program executable failing on a 3.6 GigaHertz machine

To all,

I have 14 programs developed in Visual Basic 6.0 and have been compiled to EXEs

We recently wanted to upgrade the computer these programs run on to decrease (hopefully) the run times as they are very very data and manipulation intensive.

Each program uses a Foxpro.dbf file to create and OLAP .cube file.  One File in, One File Out. The Contour Cube 3.0 component is used for the conversion and definition of the .cube files.

The programs compile OK on both computers BUT

Programs run normally on

Computer 1:   8 Gigabytes RAM, Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, 2.6 GigaHertz (Xeon)
Maximum CPU usage 50%  maximum memory used 1,300,000K

8 of 14 Programs fail with an APPCRASH error on

Computer 2:  8 Gigabytes RAM, Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, 3.6 GigaHertz (Xeon)
Maximum CPU usage 6% maximum memory at crashes is 600,000K

There does not seem to be any relation to the size of the input files or output files to the programs which crash.

Is there a possibility the programs are not playing well in the higher speed environment?

Any Ideas on how to fix?

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Martin Liss
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I Googled APPCRASH and got a lot of hits including this one and this one which is a help line that you can call (most likely for a fee).
are you able to isolate the statement that causes the error? I am pretty sure it isn't hardware related but a dependency not properly installed.
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the line of code is the last event called from the contour cube component.

with contourcubex7
   .property    ' causes the error only in 8 of 14 programs which have the same code
end with
and what is contourcuve? is it properly installed on the computers? can it be related to regional settings?
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