what language does libreoffice spreadsheet use?

I think:
1) Microsoft excel uses vba
2) Google docs spreadsheet uses javascript

Does Ubuntu's LibreOffice Calc similarly use a language for it's functions?
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käµfm³d 👽Commented:
There is an implementation of Basic available in LibreOffice. It should be mostly compatible with Microsoft VBA.

I seem to recall seeing that you could also write Python code in LibreOffice, but I can't seem to locate that documentation.
Are you asking how you can code a macro in Libre Office?  If so, then there are a few ways.  The first is to use the built in Macro.  It is called Basic and is NOT compatible with VBA, although there are some similarities.  It has it's own objects and coding styles.  You can view some of the posts under the calc area here to find some examples or search the web as most examples use this code.  As kaufmed mentions, you can also code in Python for LibreOffice.  Examples of this are harder to find, but it is possible.  

Note that LibreOffice is a fork off the OpenOffice project.  At this stage most of the coding for Macros is the same and interchangeable.  Here are a few places you can start to learn more about the objects available:

The OOo Object documentation:

One of the best help and example guides on the web:

A high level overview of macros is in here:

The most recent version has an object browser built in that could help also.  If you have more specific questions on creating macro code within OOo or LibreOffice, you can always post  a new question in this forum.


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dwcroninAuthor Commented:
thank you both.
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