Offsite server unable to communicate with DC at main office

We have installed a member server offsite. We have configured a VPN tunnel between this offsite location and the main office. When I first configured the VPN tunnel everything was working properly, we could ping back and forth, and I could even joined the offsite server to our domain.

Yesterday we had a blackout on our metro e line, so our VPN tunnel was disconnected for a while. After the network connectivity was reestablished, VPN tunnel was back up, but I noticed that the offsite server cannot ping the domain controllers/DNS servers located in my main site, but it can ping and communicate with all other IPs of all other domain computers.

I am banging my head thinking what changed.

Any hint to fix this problem is greatly appreciated.

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TomRScottConnect With a Mentor Commented:
And both VPN tunnel gateways/firewalls/appliances.

 - Tom
Mohammed KhawajaConnect With a Mentor Manager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Just curious what happens if you reboot the server at the remote site.
UliDiazAuthor Commented:
I have reboot the offsite server and the firewall on my end, main office. The office firewall is not managed by me but i will ask if its possible.

I will keep you posted!
UliDiazAuthor Commented:
WOW, now everything is working as it should. Can't tell if the offsite firewall was rebooted though.

How can I explain this weird behavior?
Explanation: Corrupt data in memory of one of the rebooted devices. A reboot, when feasible, is always a good diagnostic and often the fix. If it is the fix unless it happens a lot then make not of it and move on.

This is especially true when power issues are involved. Memory is often compromised when power fluctuates or drops out completely.

That is one reason, help desks ask if a device has recently been restarted near or at the beginning of a support session.

 - Tom
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