Need to Restore files that were backed up using Take Two software (.tk2)

I have an old backup from an XP SP3 machine that I no longer have, but I want to access some of the files.  I used Easy CD Creator 5, and the Take Two backup software to create the discs.  However, I no longer have the software, or the operating system originally used.  I am currently using Win8 Pro 64bit on one PC, and 32bit on another.  I can put my hands on the ECDC5 install software, but I'm sure it won't run on Win8...therein lies my problem.  I have plenty of hard drive space on both devices and am not adverse to creating an XP partition on either, if its feasible.  The backup file suffix is tk2.  If there is a better solution out there, I'm open to any and all suggestions.  Any assistance I can get will be most appreciated.
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From everything I've read so far.... you have to either boot from the "recovery diskette" that you are supposed to make along with the backup (which boots into DOS and performs a restore to the hard disk), or install the software on an older machine, running Win 2000 or older.

You can try installing the software on your Windows 8 machine in compatibility mode. I doubt it will still work to make a backup, but it just might work to do a restore. It's an easy first step and worth a shot.

Information on compatibility mode:

The .TK2 files look like they're images of the entire disk, so it is probably not just a wrapper for a standard container like ZIP or TAR, I think you'll have difficulty trying to find a way to open it in a third party application.

If installing the software on Win8 doesn't work, the fastest way to get your data is probably to set up a virtual machine, and boot into the recovery diskette if you have it, or install an older version Windows onto the VM along with the ECDC software.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
ECDC v5 won't install on XP with SP2 or later.   It DOES install on the original build of XP, or on Windows 2000, ME, or 98.

So ... the easiest way to recover the files you need is to install the free VMware Player;  create a virtual machine with any of those OS's that you have install media for;  install ECDC; and then you can access the files on your backup media.   You don't need a bootable floppy to do the recovery -- that's only needed if you wanted to do a full restore of the backup.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Note:   I just noticed you're running Windows 8 Pro x64 on one of your systems.   You could use Hyper-V for your hypervisor on that system instead of VMware player; but I'm not sure if Hyper-V on '8 supports OS's as old as what you need here.    I'd be inclined to just use VMware Player ... but you have both options on that machine.

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Dear , Can you try any Virtual Machine  software supported with window 8 is batter after that you can do it as you like
BlkStln51Author Commented:
I will try the VMware Player option.  Logically it makes the most sense and I've got the software and space on pc.
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