how to add another vlan subnet in existing EzVPN setup.

I am using EasyVPN:

Head Office(ASA 5510 with public ip) connected to SiteOffice(Cisco Router 2810 with PPPoE)
Head Office network:
Site Office network:
Everything is working fine.

Now I have another VLAN subnet(, how I can add this network with existing easyVPN setup?

Note: Network Diagram and Configurations are attached.

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The short answer is you would need to add the second segment to the split_tunnel_list ACL which will take effect immidiately on a remore VPN setup,
For a site to site VPN, the modifications have to be done on both sides unless your site-to-site VPN is setup using dynamic routing I.e ospf/etc. in this case you would only need to add the new segment to the OSPF setup to be broadcast through the VPN.

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try after adding the below commands
on ASA

access-list Split_Tunnel_List standard permit
access-list no-nat extended permit ip
sysopt connection permit-vpn
crypto isakmp nat-tr 60
nainasipraAuthor Commented:
still waiting for solution :(
What if anything is unclear of the suggestions or an example posted.
Could you post what issues if any you are having?

What changes if any did you make?
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