I want to use my VPS web server as a private smtp server for my home

- I'm developing software for my wife's business.
- Email is the primarily transport for communication.
- To date, I've been using gmail for outbound smtp sending of email.
- I've hit the Gmail threshold for number of msgs per day:
       sendmail: 550 5.4.5 Daily sending quota exceeded. f67sm9848964yhi.10 - gsmtp
- I suspect this sending threshold will be an issue during development only
- I develop from my home, and am now blocked by the inability to send email
- My wife's business has a web site running from a VPS outside my home
- This site runs Postfix today for local sending of email
- My ISP (Comcast) blocks port 25 in both directions.

What I want is to also configure Postfix on the VPS web server as an SMTP server for my home, and only my home, so I can continue my work. I believe I'll need to use a non-standard port for smtp. I have DHCP controlled connection to the internet, meaning my home has a non-static IP address on the internet.

I'm not much of an email guy, and really don't want to be (I read manuals all day, I don't need yet another skill set).  Is there an easy(ish) way of setting this up securely so that I'm not opening the VPS web server up to spammers?
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R. Andrew KoffronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you shouldn't need to do much for this. just setup a mail account on the ISP (use whatever domain you want, so you don't need to change current MX records), enforce authentication.

than just add the smtp authentication to your application (should be fairly easy to find help/docs on whatever language you're using.  

I don't see why you'd need to specify just your house. as long as the ISP's SMTP requires authentication.
dipopoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Rather than going on to configure a new SMTP server and painstakingly making sure it is not an open relay.

I'd simply open 2 email accounts:


And use their smtp servers for the testing, I'm sure your emailing code allows for authentication......use those for testing.

You can change this back to gmail when done.
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