Creating a specialized function in Excel

Is there a way to create a function that would take the first digit on the left in an excel text in 3 separate cells and combine in a new cell.  So if A2 had John, B2 had his Middle Name Charles and C2 had Smith, grab from all 3 so in D2 it would have JCS?
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You can set cell D2 to:
= Left(A2, 1) & Left(B2, 1) & Left(C2, 1)
or create function like:
Public Function initials(A As Variant, B As Variant, C As Variant) As Variant
initials = Left(A, 1) & Left(B, 1) & Left(C, 1)
End Function

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FYI default for LEFT in Excel is 1 so:

= Left(A2, 1) & Left(B2, 1) & Left(C2, 1)
= Left(A2) & Left(B2) & Left(C2)

And as handling text you would use strings rather than variants:

Public Function initials(A As String, B As String, C As String) As String
    initials = Left(A,1) & Left(B,1) & Left(C,1)
End Function 

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VBA does require a length... dunno why.. consistent as ever!

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Zack BarresseCEOCommented:
NYANBCNY32: Just use the worksheet formula supplied, ignore the VBA. There's no need for it and is less efficient.

If you're not sure if there will be a middle name (or other names) you can wrap the function in an IF() statement. An example would look like this...



Zack Barresse
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If B1 = ""  then LEFT(B1) = "" 

so why the IF ???
Zack BarresseCEOCommented:
lol yeah, true that. Retarded this morning.

NYANBCNY32Author Commented:
Thank you everyone for your help on the feedback, did set the function as a back-up, but never thought of setting the cells.   Thank you again - Cheers
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