Time, pay, and note tracking for contractors.

My wife and I need to be able to better keep up with what we pay contractors and keep track of their time, pay, and notes via the web.  We are looking for a free solution.  Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAsked:
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Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
It is going to be hard to find an online service that is 100% free.

I use Wave.  They have a free version, I pay $9/month for extra features like payroll and time tracking.

There is also FreshBooks and Zoho that are popular.

There are some very excellent free programs, but they are not web-based.

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Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
You said that there were some excellent free ones.  Are there any free ones that work with Android and iPhone?
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Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
All of the Android and iPhone apps that I am aware of that have the features you are looking for are paid versions.TimeClockFree is a good one as tbsgadi suggested, but to get the extra features, it is only $6.99.

TimeClock - Time Tracker
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
the problem is that my wife uses iPhone and I use Android. we both need to be able to enter information about the same contractors and keep it all in one place without a monthly fee
Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
Have you thought about a customized solution, such as creating your own spreadsheet on GoogleDocs, or DropBox?  As long as you have an internet connection you can get to the information.
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
ThinkSpaceSolutions -

You touched on something that might be good for an ongoing topic.    The spreadsheet would be a PERFECT solution just that way except for a couple of things.

A couple of things spreadsheets don't do.  They don't calculate differences in time well and they don't do do notes well.

When looking through a list, I like to have each item on one line, but I also take good notes that I like to make visible when printing.
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Thank you
Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
A couple of things spreadsheets don't do.  They don't calculate differences in time well and they don't do do notes well.

If you know how to manipulate them well, they can accomplish almost anything!  Have you decided to go this route?
Ted PennerSoftware Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
I have gained access to a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin but have very little knowledge about how to use it.

My statement about how spreadsheets don't do notes well is perhaps the most needed.  

The need is to have allot of notes 'available', but not constantly visible.  I don't know how to do that in a spreadsheet and am not convinced that a spreadsheet has the capacity to do that efficiently.
Steven HarrisPresidentCommented:
a SQL database connected to a web form is a great way to capture the info you need; however, even with phpMyAdmin, you will have to some knowledge about the connections or have someone do the setup for you.

With Excel, there are a multitude of solutions for your notes.

For instance, one of the easiest is to populate a main worksheet with all of the information you want to track for each contractor (i.e. time and pay information).  Using a cell within that worksheet, you would link the text to a new sheet specifically for that contractor, where you could keep notes in any format you desired, without interfering with the purpose of the main worksheet.

Just for grins, I attached a sample of what I have mentioned.  You can click on the Contractor's Name (Contractor #1) to move to his Notes.
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