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On the Customer Maintenance screen in the Sales module, we are having a problem when changing the "contact name" on this screen. The new contact name is actually saved if you are looking at the Customer Mainteanance Screen; however, when the invoice is printed, the "old contact" name appears. What do we need to change so that the updated contact name appears on the invoice?  Thanks!
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Victoria YudinConnect With a Mentor Owner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
Thanks for the screenshots and the additional info - that is helpful.

Since you're using a modified invoice report, you may want to look to see what table fields are actually being pulled into the Bill To box on the report - that way you know for sure what you need to change.

Based on how the SOP module works, I suspect it may be the ship to address, which actually gets stored in the SOP10100 table when the invoice is created. So if the address is changed afterwards on the customer maintenance window, the invoice will not get updated. (In contrast, the bill to address does not get stored with the invoice, it is always pulled from the customer addresses at the time of displaying/printing the invoice.)

You can also check by going to the invoice in GP and clicking on the blue arrow next to the Customer ID. That will bring up the Sales Customer Detail Entry window, where you can select the radio buttons for Bill To Address and Ship To Address and see what is stored for each. If the Ship To Address is the one that has the wrong contact, you can delete the Ship To Address ID on this window, then select it again, that should update the address properly.
pstreAuthor Commented:
Umm.. I was hoping for more specifics.  Maybe there is another resource who knows about this specific issue.  thank you!
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Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
Are you changing the Ship to Address or the Bill to Address?
For invoicing, are you using Sales Order Processing, Invoicing or Receivables?
pstreAuthor Commented:
Changing the contact name on the Customer Maintenance card. It is correct in SQL in the RM00101 table but not on the invoice.
Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
Unfortunately, you're not providing enough detail to be able to answer your question. What would be really helpful is to attach screenshots showing what you're looking at, that should help avoid most, if not all, of the questions below.

There are 3 modules in Dynamics GP where you can enter invoices: Sales Order Processing (SOP), Invoicing and Receivables. If you're not sure which one you're using, can you post back with the name of the window that you enter the invoices on (or the path to get to it)?

Most people use SOP, so if that is the case, then the specific address you are changing will make a difference - are you changing the address that is set up as the bill to address on the invoice or the ship to address?

Where exactly are you looking at the address on the invoice to determine that it is not correct? Was the invoice already saved before you changed the address? Is the invoice still unposted or already posted?
pstreAuthor Commented:
1) Name of the window is Sales Transaction Entry ( See attachment) 2) We are changing the contact name (Bill-To address). 3)  Invoice is unposted. Invoice is attached also.

Notice on the customer mainteance screen and the invoice that the name is different. the name on the Customer mainteance screen is correct.
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