Exchange 2013 importing external pst are taking forever

Hello: I am trying to figure out why it is taking several hours to import relativly small (20MB) pst files into Exchange 2013 (CU2) via EAC. And in several cases the imports are failing...
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Group_007Author Commented:
Thanks Michael but I have the role assigned already. My problem is the amount of time that it is taking to import any size pst files. In 'some' cases, they fail.
Group_007Author Commented:
Add more memory
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

Group_007Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

THis was the solution that helped me.
For clarity for others viewing this post, please consider my following comments:

"relativly small (20MB) pst files"

Adding more memory solved this.?
Or was it that new memory solved the problem.?

I suggest that you test the previously installed memory ( as not being the fault ) with memtest86+ before considering that adding more memory was the correct solution.

Adding memory is an unlikely solution for such small files, thus if the previously installed memory cannot be ruled out as the the cause then, I suggest that this question be deleted from EE database.
Group_007Author Commented:
Adding memory helped the lag time. Before extra memory was added memory utilization was at 98% - 100%. After added memory the utilization is around 60-60% utilization. As for the pst that would fail, I simply increased the amount of 'allowed' corrupt files.

Sorry but your link never applied to my issue as the correct permissions were already established and did not pertain to my issue.

This solution should not be deleted from the database as the solution did pertain to my specific issue of importing pst's.

For a better understanding of my environment. I have 3 MBX server that are in a virtual cluster w/ about 70 other servers. We have an MPLS w/ 5 vpn locations. We are in the process of an acquisition and were adding approx 300 new mailboxes while importing pst to new locations in other countries using Outlook Anywhere (over the internet). Our MBX server were originally allocated with only 4GB RAM (not nearly enough for what we were doing and where we need to be). Increased the memory from 4GB to 16GB. As you can hopefully imagine this significantly increased our time responce. I hope this helps to clear this up for you as to why adding memory in my situation was the solution.

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