Partition Drops out

Hello All,
This is a weird one for me so please read, digest, and apply some thought.

Windows Server 2008 R2 (DC); 20 – windows 7/64bit workstations
We have a Raid (5) 3-drives running on a Perc6 controller, broken up into three partitions OS, Data, Support

Here is the situation; I have had this happen twice so far. One of my partitions the DATA partition drops out and disappears. When I say it disappears, what exactly happens is that the drive shows up in name only in the “My Computer” area – you can see Drive D, but no stats show up and you cannot open it.

“Managing” the server in the storage section you can see the partition and it states it is just fine, but shows the entire partition as if the drive had no data at all.  
I have not found a way to get the partition to come back other than a reboot.

During a reboot the raid controller shows no error, even going in and testing out things.

There is no error logging on the windows side either.

My only hint of what is going on – I seem to notice it after Novastor backup software does or attempts to perform a backup, to an attached USB HDD. I have a good level of knowledge with Novastor and we have it running on about 20 other servers, but we have never seen this happen..

And ideas – has anyone seen this?  

Thank you for your time and knowledge
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I have seen this happen before, but on an admittedly ageing Server 2003 box. Same RAID configuration, but less logical drives.

I have successfully restored the drive and therefore its data using DMDE. The partition dropped out once more after this, but has been stable (touch-wood) for over 6 months since.

Unfortunately I also have no idea what might be at the root of the issue, however the DMDE is a more stable way of ensuring data integrity than rebooting and hoping everything comes back. Adding this more by way of hoping the tool will come in handy for someone searching this issue; I too would be keen to hear of experts finding the root cause.

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Windows Server 2008

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