Wireless for HP Zero Client?

Greetings Etc,

I have a group of HP Smart Zero Client t410 which I need to connect to a 2008 RDS server via wireless network.

HP was not very helpful, saying only that usb wireless supported by Linux should work. I have tried two different adapters so far, an Asus n53 and a Sabent (using a realtek chipset). The Asus is supposedly supported by kernel version 2.6.31+. Kernel log on the client shows the device being attached but I don't see any attempt to load a driver.

Obviously, I could just use a "universal" wireless-to-Ethernet adapter or an AP in bridge mode, but that seems clunky (also more expensive).

So then, my questions are:

Does anyone know of a wireless usb adapter which will work for stock HP Zero OS
How do I add a driver to the client.

Kernel version says 2.6.37-atlas.


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ARM linux 2.6.37 has lots of wireless drivers as 2.6.35 was android Gingerbread kernel

You might be out of luck with 600N and 300N adapters as they aremade well after the SoC and kernel for your device. Try something older.... like ones sold in department store between potatoes and newspapers...
AndrewAustinAuthor Commented:
Older is fine with me, any suggestion on chipset or should I just pick something from docs?
I have one realtek 150MB/s
ndis is not an option for ARM CPU
ones that need extra firmware like b43 are a lot of hassle

find /lib/kernel/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/net/wireless -type f
modinfo drivername  (without .ko) to see supported PCI/USB IDs

Also asking friends to borrow older card may help. And sometimes PowerWifi v1 is completely different from PowerWifi v2 inside....

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AndrewAustinAuthor Commented:
I eventually gave up and used Netgear universal wireless adapters, using the ac power adapters since they were twitchy on usb power.
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