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Working in the eDiscovery field, we often times come across Lotus Notes NSF files that are in need of repair/corrupt.  Typical practices include running nFixup, nCompact -c, and nUpdall -r.  Can anyone provide any third party solutions for NSF repair that they have used effectively?

We already have stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery, but found out after purchase that it supports Lotus Notes 6 and lower, which we rarely encounter.

Is there anything else anyone is using that they have found effective (and thorough)?  Some solutions out there claim recovery but lose attachments or other vital information.

Thanks for the help!
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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Not an answer for you, sorry, but...

What sort of issues are you actually getting, the fact that a database will not recognise at all in the File | open list locally say, or report an error etc. once it is tried to be opened?  Do you have server involved here at all to try them with, or just locally with a Notes client?

It is very rare to come across a database that is so mangled that it can't be read or fixed with the native tools, unless you are talking about something like a partial file brought back from a file deletion recovery etc?  I suppose in a commercial environment if we come across something that is playing up it is easier to create a new replica but in around 19 years of using Lotus Notes unfixable databases is about 2... maybe I have been lucky.

Marshal HubsEmail ConsultantCommented:

Let me know your current version and Stellar Phoenix also supported lotus notes version 7.
WinterRangerAuthor Commented:
thanks for the responses.  I don't have a particular issue with a particular file at this time, but in the eDiscovery environment, we often have to split the NSFs for the ingestion tools (some don't like a 60GB NSF)...and most of the time this works successfully, but often times, there is a corrupt message in the database that causes the split to fail.  Sometimes the repair tools work and sometimes we have to reshell...manually, painfully at times.

I was just looking for a more general answer, as to what the industry is using...but perhaps, like us, the industry is using the native tools.

Marsharlhubs, we just purchased the latest version of Stellar, so I'm fairly confident that we're using the latest and greatest...I think because we run across Notes 8 more often than not, it was a waste of a purchase for US...but a great tool for what it does support.

Thanks for the responses!
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Edwin HofferTechnical ExpertCommented:
Hello WinterRanger,

If you are unable to find any third party utility then if would suggest you try a manual method. Follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Open C:\lotus\Notes (or where you have installed it);
2. Use these three executables in order to fix the corrupted database:
nfixup.exe, ncompact.exe, nupdall.exe

Syntax Examples:

nfixup -J -F [database name]
[J] Fixup transaction-logged databases
[F] Scan all documents

ncompact -c -i [database name]
[c] Copy-style
[i] Ignore errors and proceed

nupdall -R [database name]
[R] Rebuild all used views

Open in new window

*Note: When you open these executable you have to enter your Lotus Notes Password.

You can read more here: http://lotusibm.com/database-corruption-and-troubleshooting/
These are the suggested solution; feel free to revert back if it doesn’t work.

Edwin J Hoffer

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Glad that it's solved! What exactly fixed your problem, if I may ask?
WinterRangerAuthor Commented:
We're going to stick with the native tools as everyone seems to suggest.  it seems like that works for most issues.

Aside from that, we've just stumbled upon a tool called SCAN EZ from a company called Ytria.  Gives us the opportunity to "re-shell an NSF"..copying the documents from one database to another.  I've been very impressed with the team's knowledge of NSFs...and their tools seem like a "killer" if I was a Notes Admin.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), we only use about 2% of the tool's capabilities.  We're hoping to incorporate more licenses in our lab as we find more uses for it.  Good stuff.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Ok, thanks. It just seems a bit unfair to the other participants that you accepted the last reply, where earlier replies already suggested that the native tools should do fine. Closing a question at EE is more delicate than in other forums, please read the Help. You're supposed to reward the best or most appropriate answer. You can even accept multiple comments, or add your own comment and accept that. See also  http://support.experts-exchange.com/customer/portal/articles/626862-i-answered-my-own-question-with-help-how-do-i-close-the-question-?b_id=44

And you are absolutely correct: scanEZ is a well-known utility (albeit somewhat pricey) among developers and admins. There are others, e.g. NoteMan, that have similar features.
WinterRangerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sjef.  I appreciate your comments.  However, I thought Mr. Hoffer's answer was worthy of the award because he gave me some great examples of not just what to use, but also how to use it.  I see your point that it was brought up earlier. Perhaps I should have weighted the reward differently, splitting the reward.  Nevertheless, I appreciate all of the help here in the forum.  I'm off to hunt for this "Noteman" that you refer to and see what features it provides.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:

There must be more, some claim to recover databases but most of them cannot live up to their promises (as you already discovered).
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