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Android app to select and transfer photos


I'm looking for an android app that allows me to:

1. flip through my pics and flag the ones i want to keep (in full screen mode, ideally with one touch to select)
2. copy/ upload them somewhere (eg flickr/dropbox)
3. delete the rest

I've tried Quickpix, JustPicture, etc none of them do this (JustPictures does steps 1&2)

On any ordinary digital camera I would be able to do this by:
i. write-protecting each photo i want to keep (this conveniently carries over to a computer as the read-only attribute, so step ii below can also be done on the computer)
ii. delete all photos (and the write-protected ones don't get deleted)

Is this too much to ask from a phone too?


This is a re-post of an unanswered question:
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Are you asking for someone to write you a specific android application that does exactly that?
Based on your requests steps 2+3 would have to use the same selection made on step 1, while on most of the existing applications the delete function is usually avoided and asks for a specific selection + confirmation.
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hi, thanks, no I hadn't considered that as I assume that such a utility would already exist.
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There is no solution yet, question requires follow-up, I will post a link here in due course...