BDC to act as PDC

I have an eviroment with two DCs (Windows 2003 STD R2). The DC that has the FSMO roles should be removed from the network for 3 days.
Can the BDC act on its own without transfering the roles?
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ButlerTechnologyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Keep in mind that the concept of PDC and BDC are a little outdated.  The two DCs are basically peers minus the FSMO roles.  The biggest issues that I think could occur would be with the PDC Emulator roles.  It is the time cop and the bad password cop.  You could run into potential time sync issues. Since you would only have 1 DC working the password cop shouldn't be an issue.  The other FSMO would not be impacted by the downtime unless your are planning growth during the downtime (i.e. additional domain, many users).  I work at a SUNY college and we would run into issues taking down this type of DC assuming we were planning on creating the accounts for the upcoming semester as we would have a need for the RID master.

I would recommend transferring the roles regardless of the short downtime of three days.  It doesn't take very long to transfer the roles.  In the event that the downtime last longer or something major happens to the DC that is being removed, you don't have to be concerned about seizing the roles.  To be honest, seizing the roles is just about as easy as transferring the roles when using NTDS Util.

Its NOT a BDC its an additional domain controller.

In theory - you could live without the FSMO roles for a while - quite a substantial time in many cases, however if you are planning downtime it would make sense to transfer the FSMO roles.

Do bear in mind that the other DC should also have DNS and Global Catalog installed and DHCP also assuming you use that. All clients also need to have the second DCs IP listed as either the preferred or alternate DNS server (or have these supplied via DHCP).
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