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I am running Webshots on my PC.  Webshots is a photo-screensaver service.  If you were a paying member they would allow you to receive new beautiful photos daily.  About 1 year ago they were close to going out of business and then they changed their format to a service or program called Smile.  Since this change I am having a lot of problems.  The service is not working like it did before.  Often, they keep asking me to sign in and I am unable to do so even though I am paying their fee once a month.  I have contacted their support people but have not received satisfactory answers.  Two questions:
1.  What do you know about webshots in terms of its current viability?
2.  Is there a product out there that would provide similar benefits like the original Webshots because I plan to cancel my Webshots.
Richard ChristensenRetired computer technicianAsked:
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Webshots is still viable at the moment however you could try this alternative
I used to have an account with webshots, and had forgotton the name, so thanks for the reminder.
Cancel it capreol I did.
Smile is no longer part of the Webshots
Also it's mainly used for Google Play  and Apple
From my sources lots of folks are suffering with since it had introduced this Smile alternative
As noted here
Wayback Machine – You May be Able to Retrieve Your Photos Deleted by Webshots
one solution from an angry user solution here
It had it's good points and bad.
Mainly as I recall having to install that program that switches the photos.
I loved the images and didnt want the software.
I dont believe there is no nother like Webshots exactly with the inbuilt switcher maybe Flicker
windows has a free inbuilt theme.
click on Desktop backgroundmake your own themeone of my personal themesGet more themes online free from MicrosoftIf you wanted to remove  Webshots or Smile it you will delete all your current images
How to remove Smile, wont let you
But I found a way to save my purchased images and nolonger used it I just used the snapshot/printscreen  back in XP now you have the snipping tool, on each photo  as it switched.and saved them to a folder.
now I just  use windows 7 inbuilt Personalise/ themes using a doz images more or less depending on how many you like switching in the background, and set the timings to change images.
With Windows Photo viewer, you  can simply rightclick the first photo and preview, it looks like WMP and you can zoom in scroll around press play.
Webshots Removal: Remove Webshots Forever
Some Webshots sources taint PC through defence holes in the Web site or in other programs (even removal tools), so it's immediately required to remove Webshots or nothing less than try to fulfill salvation.
Webshots can come complex with other software.
Webshots that intervenes with network programs causes complexity with wide-area net enlarging the requirement in removal tool.
Badly infected PCs require a reinstalling of all programs with an eye to return to their lock down and recover after Webshots existance or incorrect removal.
It's time and again when Webshots display publicities.
Webshots authors present this feature as obligatory to advertisers paying for publicity places making funds to stop its removal and sophisticating Webshots even for comely removal tool.
Webshots intrusion method
Webshots copies its file(s) to your hard disk. Its typical file name is (*.*). Then it creates new startup key with name Webshots and value (*.*). You can also find it in your processes list with name (*.*) or Webshots.
Unhappy/Upset/Angry with Smile's Actions? Please Read
Under Its Original Owners, Webshots Reincarnates as Smile (Video)

Regards Merete

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Richard ChristensenRetired computer technicianAuthor Commented:
Excellent answer Merete.  Your answer is very comprehensive, thorough and much appreciated!  Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain this to me and to provide me with alternatives.
Best regards,
Thank you capreaol,
just covering all basis for you :)
If you use google search type in Webshots press enter but dont open any links instead click on images at the top under the search  Voila,
you'll see web-images-maps-shopping check it out

All the Best
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