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CKeditor - Autogrow Interupting the Footer?


On the website here, you can see that the ckeditor loads fine. However, once you add a few paragraphs to the editor like so:  http://gyazo.com/42e2839cf58306dfa50d2a37042bc444

How do I make it so that the editor will grow, but will not go under the footer or over?

Thank you.
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A link to the page..., your previous link doesn't show the editor anymore.
It's probably not contained properly by your container, as in the previous question check your html markup in a validator.
Andy_FangAuthor Commented:
Oops, my bad. I could've sworn the link was there. Here it is.

I don't use the W3 validator because it has a lot of false errors such as self enclosing tags. I'm not sure what you mean by not contained properly.
But you do have lots of errors
<!DOCTYPE should be the very first line.
You have a half started script tag
<script src="/js/javascript.js"
Closing tags that have no open tag
<center> is deprecated - you shouldn't be using it

You are designing for mobile so you should really be using the HTML5 doctype
<!DOCTYPE html>
Self closing tags are the default - you don't need to close them i.e.
<br> is the way to write it, not <br />
You need to fix your css for the sticky footer. You were following the guide for the stickyfooter link but you have not implemented the css for it properly.
This may fix the problem but I suspect the CKEditor autogrow js may still screw up the layout.
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
+1 GaryC123, Like I posted in the previous question.  These errors are not false positives.  There are no such thing.  If you don't follow the rules then how can you expect the browser to behave? :)
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