Platform for designing a database-driven website, compatible with mobile devices

I am developing a database-driven website, intended to be compatible with mobile devices.

I started developing it 5 years ago using .NET / SQL Server, and then layered AJAX on it to arrive at better query response time.  However, queries currently run slow, and it's not compatible with mobile devices.  It's now time for a re-design, utilizing latest technologies and frameworks.

Are there any particular platforms / frameworks that are currently well suited for database-driven web applications, that also work well on mobile devices?
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and it's not compatible with mobile devices
What database you use has nothing to do with the device used to view the webpages.
If queries are running slow then you need to optimise your queries, db and maybe your db structure
BBRRGGAuthor Commented:
Optimizing the DB is certainly part of the plan.  But this question is specifically regarding the web platform.  For example, currently my .NET listboxes do not show up on mobile devices, iPhone is not able to render the listboxes unless the user taps the listbox first, which adversely affects usability.  I hear something like Twitter Bootstrap provides good compatibility with mobile devices for web controls.  
Is this a preferred platform?  Are there others?
Ok misunderstood the question a little bit.
Twitter is a good one, a few others are

They all have their own little quirks so it's basically a case of picking the one you feel most comfortable with.
For the listbox problem is this what you mean
51degrees is another framework.

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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
The two frameworks I like to work with are foundation and bootstrap (this link is for version 3).

These types of frameworks make it easier to work with multiple devices by using a grid and building in media query usage.

Beyond the html portion, I think will be a good idea to get in the habit of creating a web service for all of your data calls and utilize endpoints for all of your database functions.  The reason is at some point you may decide to convert your project to native and it will be a lot easier to mix true native with web.

The db running slow is something else.   re writing your query  many times takes care of that.  I would make that issue something separate and  post  another question just on that.

There are mobile specific frameworks like or  and it is worth taking a look at the telerik family
BBRRGGAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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