Indenting text

I have text like this and I tried <Blockquote> but it didnt work. I also tried ;nbsp but still didn't do the trick

<img src="/images/secondary-teal-grey/bullet4.png" /> Join our community and blah blah and do this and that and go here and there

It comes out as (pretend you see the bullet point)

      Join our community and blah blah and
 do this and that and go here and there

I need "do this and that and go here and there" to be indented. It's off to the left now.
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in the stylesheet:
list-style-image:url('/images/secondary-teal-grey/bullet4.png' );

Then change the markup to:
<ul><li>Join our community and blah blah and
 do this and that and go here and there</li></ul>

CamilliaAuthor Commented:
No, I can't use ul, ui. Sorry, I should've mentioned that. It messes up the design. That's why I'm doing it the way I'm doing it.

Any other way besides using ul, ui?
Well if you are doing some strange thing trying to put a square peg in a round hole, then you best post a link so we can see what you are trying to do.  In my experience when a developer can't use the correct tag because it messes up the design; the design is flawed and should not be implemented.

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Add left padding to the container and give the images a negative left margin.
But Cobol's answer is the most obvious

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CamilliaAuthor Commented:
No, not doing strange stuff. I bought a template and in this section, ul can't be used.

Let me try left padding.
CamilliaAuthor Commented:
negative left margin worked
I bought a template and in this section, ul can't be used.

That is even worse.  Why would you pay for a piece of junk that prevents the use of valid markup?  Without even seeing it I can guarantee that you are going to regret trying to use something that restrictive.  A template should enable; not restrict you to some subset of available options.

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