How do I read echo data into my program

I am using Python & the Request Module to retrieve data from server... the server is returning mysql querry data ... it's not much data so I am simply echoing the data

echo back data
AGE : 18
GENDER : Male 

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I'm using this code to read the echo back data
import requests
r = requests.get('')
data = r.text
print data

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it prints
LAST NAME : Elmer <br> FIRST NAME : Fudd <br> AGE : 18 <br> GENDER : Male <br>

this is  a Noob question ... how would I handle inserting this data in my database in my app... I ask because I have tried to assign an echo value from r.text method and nothing happens I also tried the r.content method and nothing ...

for rows in cursor:
		Last_Name = rows[2]
		First_Name = rows[3]
		AGE= rows[4]
		GENDER = rows[5]

con = lite.connect('msf/xxxx.sqlite')
		con.text_factory = str
		cur = con.cursor()
		cur.execute('insert or replace into ptrecords values(?,?,?,?)',
		    ( Last_Name, First_Name, Age,Gender))

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Do you have control over the FetchData.php script?
If yes, then you could simplyfy your work a little.
if you have a php json library, then I'd print out the text as json string or print out without <br> and just '\n' and make sure, that any potential '\n' in the value field is escaped..

If not, then:
Can you be sure, 'that the string "<br>" will never be part of the database?

If yes, then this might work (code untested):
rows = data.split('<br>')[:-1]

# next line might work if you know, that the order of your echo is always predictable 
# and if it's identical to the order in your sqlitedb

values = [ row.split(':')[1].strip()  for row in rows ]
cur.execute('insert or replace into ptrecords values(?,?,?,?)',
		    ( Last_Name, First_Name, Age,Gender))

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dolamitejenkinsAuthor Commented:
Perfect thanks
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