Find Expired User Passwords on Server 2003 R2 Domain


I am in need of help finding users accounts who's password is or will be expiring.  Many of my users are remote (mobile devices) and do not log into a workstation on the domain and do not get a indication their password will be expiring.  My domain controller is a Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 install.  I have experience with Group Policy, but little with Power Shell and scripts.

Thank you for your time in advance.
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This link shows a vbscript that will do more than what you're looking for, so you'll want to trim it back.

Basically, the script (as it is in that example) will find users within a 14 day expiration period and generate an email to them.  You may not need to notify them via email, so that part is up to you.  The 14 day trigger point will be your notification that an account is within that 14 day period (that is configurable).

Let us know if you need help adjusting any of the code!
Prashant GirennavarCommented:
Check this link

For 2003/2008 use Quest PowerShell AD modules from

Check this as well Download the tool & run the query.

FindExpAcc.exe -pwd >c:\pwd.csv

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hmedmeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the responses.  I will get back to this thread with results ASAP.

Thanks again.
hmedmeAuthor Commented:
Ok, I decided on giving Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell as shot as has other commands I can use.  I tried running the following but it returns no results.

Get-QADUser -AccountExpiresBefore "December 31, 2013"
Get-QADUser -AccountExpiresBefore "September 14, 2014"

The following command does return results:

Get-QADUser -CreatedAfter "January 1, 2009"

hmedmeAuthor Commented:
I think this nailed it:

Get-QADUser -Name * | select givenName,sn,name,PasswordExpires

Thank you all for your help.  Excellent range of answers and angles.
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