ASA IPSEC Failover over different ISP

My current setup consists of 1 ISP A internet link coming into my ASA firewall.
I have a range of public IP addresses given by ISP A and this is assigned to my firewall as well as some servers that I run behind it.

On the ASA, I have IPSEC VPN connections to another office and to AWS (Amazon Web Services).

I am planning to get another internet link from ISP B so that in the event that ISP A's link goes down, my servers and VPN tunnels still work by going across ISP B's link.
ISP B provides a different range of pubic IPs from ISP A.

By adding another ASA to form an active/passive HA set, can I configure my VPN tunnel to automatically failover if one of the ISP link is down?
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frukeusAuthor Commented:
thanks so much, exactly what i needed!
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