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Change Shared Mailbox to a Room Mailbox due AutoAccept

Hi Experts,

I am currently trying to find a workaround to have AutoAccept enabled for a Shared Mailbox.

My user uses his Shared Mailbox as a Regular Mailbox(to accept and send emails) and a Room Mailbox(and he wants to enable AutoAccept + decline duplicated bookings).

The Shared Mailbox is threated as Room mailbox and a Regular Mailbox and in order to decline duplicated bookings and do the autoaccept, I have to follow the procedure below to make Exchange believes this Shared mailbox was actually a Room mailbox and finally change back to a Shared mailbox.

This was what I did >>>
Get-CalendarProcessing mailboxname | FL
...if AutomatedProcessing is "AutoUpdate" go to next step >
Set-Mailbox mailboxname -Type Room
Set-CalendarProcessing mailboxname -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept
Set-Mailbox mailboxname -Type Shared
Get-CalendarProcessing -id mailboxname | FL AutomatedProcessing is "AutoAccept"

After the above procedure, the Calendar is exactly doing what I expected. AutoAccept + Decline duplicated meeting requests(as any other Room mailbox should do)
However all new messages sent to this Shared mailbox now go straight to Deleted Items. My user uses this mailbox as a regular mailbox as well and messages need to go to Inbox.

Is there a workaround to autoaccept and decline double booking meeting requests on the Regular mailbox(not Room Mailbox)?

Kind Regards
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HI Amitkulshrestha,

Thanks for your feedback.
If we go to Outlook options/Calendar, the "Resource Scheduling" may help.
Although in my environment all options are greyed out. Possibly by group policy.
If I enable these options, do you think am I going to autoaccept and decline conflict bookings?
I will probably need to talk to the Group Policy guy to enable these options.