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Time Managment PLEase

Hello All,

I am a first class procrastinator and recently for months, I am not able to cope with increase work pressure. Can you guys suggest the BEST book for time management  - that has worked for you guys and and for the everyone in this planet earth - Highly reviewed and tested
Please guys - the BEST book for this,
so many books already there... I am confused
I am drowsing and drowning   :(

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Isn't this just another excuse to procrastinate even more? First I'll wait for the experts opinions.. then I'll order the books, then I'll get around to reading the books.. then I'll get around to implementing the suggestions.. meanwhile 5 years have gone by.

Set a task and a time period, plan your day, if the time runs out on a particular task, stop, go to the next task, if time permits go back to the first task, otherwise just keep going through your task lists and the time periods you have setup..
RayneAuthor Commented:
Hello v3ofa,
You r funny. As a matter of fact, you are right. Another 5 years gone by. I. Will head in your direction. :)
RayneAuthor Commented:
Hello Jim,
About the question having roots in those domain – well I was not sure where to put this kind of “Self Help” question (can you suggest, I thought lounge is for sharing jokes and non-serious things, isn’t it?) and since I posted question previously in these forums and the Gurus there know me, so I decided to post it there.
As for the question itself – honestly I was looking for a book but when v3ofa suggested something which I was not really doing, it made a lot of sense so to speak, so I accepted his answer.
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
As an aside, I took the Franklin Day Planner - Time Management 3-hour seminar way back in 1991, which was truly excellent.  Since then they've changed to Franklin Covey, so if you want you can dig through their website and see if they offer the same thing somewhere close.
RayneAuthor Commented:
thank you Jim :)
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