Acrobat Professional, full save as dialog?


Anyone found a way to show full windows save-as dialog in Acrobat X Professional, version 10.1.7?

I very often would like to save pdf-files to my Dropbox folder. In other programs the Save As  dialog shows my favorite locations (using Win 7) and everything is just one click away.

In Acrobat the dialog is reduced to showing only Recent Places, Desktop, Libraries, Computer and Network.

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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Hi Johan,

> Recent Places, Desktop, Libraries, Computer and Network.

Click on Computer and browse to your Dropbox folder. Regards, Joe
JohanGLindbergAuthor Commented:
Hi Joe,

I can do that, but what I am looking for is to get the full explorer file dialog visible to avoid the many clicks before I get to my favorite folders. I like my one-clicks that puts me in the right folder without having to click folders 5 times to get there.

I found one solution where you by editing the register can change those 5 default places you mention to any folder you like. It's a partial solution since it is limited to 5 places.

I called Adobe as well, but the support was not even aware of that. (Or then the do not like to send people editing the register)

Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Sorry...I missed the comment in your original question about wanting to see Favorites in the Save As dialog. Here's a thread at the Adobe forum that claims to work for XP, Vista, and even 64-bit W7:

I haven't tried it, but it's worth a read. Regards, Joe

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JohanGLindbergAuthor Commented:
Hi Joe,

Thank you, that is the only and probably the best solution available. It is the same that I found before.

Just for reference here:

To edit the leftbar places in Acrobats (note, might affect other programs not using Explorers file dialog as well):

Locate the register key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \
comdlg32 \ Placesbar

Note that comdlg32 and Placesbar are most likely missing and you need to add them first.
Just add them as new "Keys".

Under the Placesbar you can then add string values or DWORD (32-bit) Values:

String values (and give a path as the value). What I did was I entered my Links folder (this is the same as the favorites in Explorer's file dialog. Example: C:\Users\*user name here*\Links

List of predefined locations:
01 – Internet Explorer
02 – Start Menu\Programs
03 – My Computer\Control Panel
04 – My Computer\Printers
05 – My Documents
06 – Favorites
07 – Start Menu\Programs\Startup
08 – \Recent
09 – \SendTo
0a – \Recycle Bin
0b – \Start Menu
0c – - logical “My Documents” desktop icon
0d – My Music
0e – My Videos
10 – \Desktop
11 – My Computer
12 – My Network Places
13 – \NetHood
14 – WINDOWS\Fonts
15 – Templates
16 – All Users\Start Menu
17 – All Users\Programs
18 – All Users\Start Menu
19 – All Users\Desktop
1a – \Application Data
1b – \PrintHood
1c – \Local Settings\Application Data
1e – - Nonlocalized common startup
1f – Favorites
20 – Temporary Internet Files
21 – Cookies
22 – History
23 – All Users\Application Data
24 – WINDOWS directory
25 – System32 directory
26 – Program files
27 – My Pictures
29 – - x86 system directory on RISC
2a – - x86 C:\Program Files on RISC
2b – C:\Program Files\Common
2c – - x86 Program Files\Common on RISC
2d – All Users\Templates
2e – All Users\Documents
2f – All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools
30 – - \Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools
31 – Network and Dial-up Connections
35 – All Users\My Music
36 – All Users\My Pictures
37 – All Users\My Video
38 – Resource Directory
39 – Localized Resource Directory
3a – Links to All Users OEM specific apps
3b – USERPROFILE\Local Settings\Application
Data\Microsoft\CD Burning

NOTE! You can only add 5 Places named: Place0, Place1, Place2, Place3 and Place4

By using this it is possible to limit down the folder clicking to +1, i.e. click the Links icon and you have a collection of your favorite places.

I still think this is only a partial solution since I handle a serious amount of pdf-files that I need to save in many different locations. Thus it would really save me some time on a yearly bases not having to do the extra clicks all the time. The best solution would be if Adobe could add the possibility to uses Explorer's file dialog.

Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Thanks for the detailed explanation – very helpful! I wonder if Acrobat XI has it (I don't know, as I have only X). Regards, Joe
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