How to group several Microsoft Reports into a single Microsoft Report in C#

Hi experts

My application lets user to print different categories in the application. eg. phone book, general settings, advance settings, etc.

In VS2008 I'd created individual Report (rdlc) for each category. When my program prints, it prints each report separately.

My question is how to get each report to 'concatenate' each other as one single report.

I am using Winform .NET 3.5, C#

Please point me the right direction. Thanks in advance.
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Do you want to preview the report before the printing ? If you are going to print the reports to a printer it doesn't matter if they are printed from on or from multiple reports. If you want to preview the report then the only option is to export all the reports to PDF files, combine them in one PDF and preview it
dominicwongAuthor Commented:
I would like to allow both.
But even if it is printing to a printer, it can be annoying. eg. some report contains a few lines. As a result, there're several pages of papers each containing a few lines.
You can also create one report which will act like a container and add your actual reports as subreports. When printing or exporting you can pass a parameter, which will control which subreports will be suppressed.
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dominicwongAuthor Commented:
That is what I am looking for. Could you point me to any reference on how to do that. Thanks.
I guess you can add the subreports. To suppress them you need to add a formula to set the Vissible property.

check this thread to see how: 

You may create a parameter, for example string, and to pass a different letter for each subreport. For example value A  will print just the first subreport, value B just the second one, value AB both. Apparently this will limit the number of possible subreports to the number of available letters. You may  use a combinations of letters separated by comma. For example ,A,B,CDE, etc .

I don't have SSRS in front of me right now to check the syntax of the formula which will hide the subreports but I guess it should be something like this:
=IIf(Parameters!X.Value.IndexOf(",A,") >= 0,True,False)

If you parameter X  contains ,A,  the expression will return true and the subreport will be visible , otherwise it will hidden.

You can use also multivalue parameters.

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dominicwongAuthor Commented:
Thanks vasto for your help.
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