External HDD not being detected

I was facing this issue a few days ago:

Then yesterday, I tried again. It's worse. Now, the HDD is not even being detected. It's like it's not even there.
I went through this article:
Tried everything:
device is not showing up on device manager
device is not showing up on disk management
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If you have the same issue on another PC, then it is bad. If it still is under warranty, make use of that and have it replaced.

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Red-KingIT ManagerCommented:
If it is not being detected then it might not be getting power.
It could be that this piece has broken.
Have you a replacement part that you could get your hands on to test? A friend with the same HDD perhaps?
John GobertEnterprise Systems ConsultantCommented:
After reading your original post that you referenced along with your updated status in this one I have a strong feeling that the drive is dead.  All total it seems like the drive was failing (errors you reported in the first post) and has now kicked the bucket.

The downside here is that now that the drive is no longer spinning up there isn't much you can do yourself.  If the data is critical I'd highly suggest that you look up a few data recovery service companies that you can ship the drive to.  It will be expensive... those services will be able to take the drive apart in order to get to the data on the platters.  This isn't something you can do yourself at all.  If you crack the seal on that drive yourself then your data is as good as gone so don't try it.

In some cases the issue is the control board on the bottom of the drive.  It is possible to get an identical make/model drive with the same firmware version and swap the boards out but you need to be experienced in doing this before trying it yourself.  If the problem isn't with the board but instead with the drive motor then you definitely have to ship it to a recovery service that has the facilities for doing this kind of work.  Seagate or one of their partners can assist you.  

Check out the following link:
Seagate - In Lab Data Recovery
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If you have a power supply for your external HDD, try to connect a good know one to the HDD to see if it's able to spin up. This is true for 3.5" external drives.

If you have a 2.5" external then there is no adapter needed. Try to use another USB cable.
smuralisankarAuthor Commented:

The light is on. So, not sure if it can be a power issue. I don't know anyone else who has the same external HDD.


I don't understand how this could suddenly happen. I took great care of the HDD. There was no physical damage to it. I was careful about what data I put into that. There were no warning signs. Suddenly one day, I could not access the data. By the time I figured out what was wrong, it got worse and now, I can't even access it.

How the hell do people trust these things with their data backups. It is still in the warranty period.

Unfortunately, the link that you showed me was only for US and canada customers. I am not in North america.
smuralisankarAuthor Commented:

Would power be an issue if I can see the light on? Does that not mean that there is power going to the HDD and would therefore not be the issue?
John GobertEnterprise Systems ConsultantCommented:
To be honest this is usually how it happens when a drive has some sort of defect.  I can't tell you how many hard drives I've had to RMA during my career and most of them fail in the same way.  The problem is that under standard warranty terms the data is not covered.  The manufacturer will replace the device while under warranty but you're SOL on the data.

If you want to give more details on where you are I can look up what options may be available for you... or you could contact Seagate's support group and ask them for guidance.

I'm sorry you're having this problem but it does happen... never trust a single device for backing up anything of importance.
smuralisankarAuthor Commented:

Thank you. I am in india (chennai). I hope the options for me are not too expensive.
All hard disks die. Some sooner than others. Sometimes it happens suddenly, sometimes gradually. That's why you have backups, and that on more than one location.

Either get a new disk, or have it replaced under warranty, and then restore your data from your backups.

If you really were careless enough to have your data only on that disk, and that data is worth the price, then look at a recovery agency in india and ask them for a quote.
Red-KingIT ManagerCommented:
The light being on does not necessarily mean that power is getting to the drive itself.
If you have replaced the cable then the next thing to check is the block that the cable attaches to.
There are a couple of ways to do this,
First is to get an exact replacement part
Second is to get a USB to SATA adapter (your HDD exposes the SATA connectors when you pull the block off the end)
USB to SATA adaters are pretty cheap;
You might pick one up in your local computer shop

If this USB adapter does not work I expect you will need to research a local data recovery company.

I think I saw it mentioned already in your original question but you only have a backup if you duplicate your data. Otherwise you do not have a backup.
When it comes to technology (or anything really) there's a chance it can fail. With data, to protect against a failure, you need to duplicate the data.
John GobertEnterprise Systems ConsultantCommented:
Here are two companies I found that you can check in to:



I'm trying to see if Seagate has any recommended partners that are in your region... I doubt you'll find a local shop so either way you'll have to ship the drive to the company that does the recovery work.

@rindi - It doesn't help to be rude to folks...
i usually try to get the disk out of the enclosure, and hook it directly to the sata cable of a running PC.
then i look in the bios if the drive is recognised - only then can it be seen by software

here is how i handle bad drives : http://www.experts-exchange.com/Storage/Hard_Drives/A_3000-The-bad-hard-disk-problem.html
smuralisankarAuthor Commented:
I called up seagate and they said they don't do data recovery but they might be able to help with replacing if it is under warranty. But they would first have to take a look. They gave me an address and a phone number to one of their partners. They said the partner might be able to help with data recovery.

I called them up but they said, they don't do data recovery. Only warranty - replacement of the drive.

I can't give it elsewhere to open up the drive since that would void the warranty. Seagate requires me to only give it to their partner(s) and get a letter saying that its been opened so that the warranty is still not voided.

In the meanwhile, I checked using a different cable. No use. Still not being detected.
it looks like you need the data - right?
then google for a recovery service in your town, or neighboorhood
or try one of these, and ask for their policy and fee :
http://www.lowcostrecovery.com/index.html                        data recovery Company
http://www.gillware.com/                                 "           "                   "
http://www.drivesavers.com/services/estimates.html                     "           "                   "
smuralisankarAuthor Commented:
One of the guys I called up said, the drive needs to be accessible if they have to do data recovery. But my drive is not accessible. So, what should I do ? Is it more like Hard drive recovery at this point ?
if you need the data - you need a recovery service
the drive is only 60-100$ worth; so no big deal, while the recovery service starts probably higher than 300$
your best bet is to phone them and ask for their policy and fee as i posted
Red-KingIT ManagerCommented:
I agree with nobus, the warranty has very little value to you at this point. If you return the drive on warranty Seagate they will not guarantee the data on it. You want to get the data off this drive so you will probably need to break it open. Its going to void your warranty so its up to you if your device is more valuable than the data on it.
smuralisankarAuthor Commented:
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