Apache web service become too slow

Dear Experts,

our Apache http browsing get too slow, it take 40 second to access web browser located in house.  solution is to restart server or restart demon (service httpd restart).  then it will be OK for days and get back to it is usual.

What could be the reason.

OS: RHEL 5.6
Web service running on Apache is Library system called KOHA

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The likely issue is that what you are using has a memory leak.

Next time this issue comes up, use lsof, vmstat, iostat, etc. to see what is going on with the system.
If you have another system in the environment on which you can setup cacti from cacti.net then setup SNMP on this web server.
Using cacti you can then snmp poll the web server and see what is going on.
there are other tools to collect information/monitor the system that may help isolate the issue.
Quickest workaround would be to schedule (crontab) a daily restart e.g.

sudo bash
crontab -e

#Add the following line (or something similar) to silently restart Apache at 3:05 am daily:

05 03 * * *  /etc/init.d/httpd graceful  2>&1  > /var/log/httpd/httpd_restart.log

# Save the change and exit the editor

Open in new window

Then go see if there's a know issue with the App, and / or a patch you can apply.
madunix (Fadi SODAH)Commented:
Check the Server performance. Look in /var/log any suspicious. The vmstat/top tool is a good choice for memory check, providing details of the current memory usage and possible bottlenecks.  Do you see any errors in your Apache error logs?
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Actually "httpd graceful" is executed for log rotation nightly, no need to call it more often.
Areyou talking this? (PERL CGI?)
Graceful des not flush used memory if that is the issue.
CGI scripts dont use memory of apache. There is some other issue.
Without knowing what is going on the system, it is hard to say.  Does a restart of apache solves the problem, if so, it is apache related and is likely related to a memory links.
First thing first - you need to update redhat to fix ~500 security issues in default install plus ~20 memory leak bugs in perl, apache and glibc.

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uknet80Author Commented:
Thanks to your help and supports
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