Office files on file server have become inaccessible

We have an urgent but interesting issue which we have no clue how this has happened.
All Office documents located on two separate server on the same network are causing an error when opened from any workstation. Error:
Word Error
Office 2007 and 2010 Pro are used within the environment
WIN SBS 2011 and WIN 08 STD - Domain Environment
No other files seem to have been affected

If anyone has any idea how or why this has happened your assistance is greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance
Paul-Anthony DableyThinking Forward - Forward ThinkingAsked:
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Looks a lot like your files have become corrupt - is this a DFS setup, or are the files on the 2 servers completely unconnected? And are the files openable if you email them to another computer outside the network, or transfer them by USB rather than over the network to the client computer?
Do you have older versions of the files (either on a backup, or through Shadow Copy Previous Versions), and if so do these open OK? If you scroll down in the "file conversion" window, is there any readable text contained within? And lastly, does it make any difference if you rename that file from .doc to .docx?
Paul-Anthony DableyThinking Forward - Forward ThinkingAuthor Commented:
Thanks Heaps for getting back to me!

2 separate servers no DFS
The files cannot be opened from outside the organisation
I have restored from shadow copy and back up of one server, the files were able to be opened. (Problem is one server doesn't have full backup which might lead to trouble)
If you rename the file to docx a different error appears " Encountered problem with contents"

Wierd how it has effected the whole environment, what would have caused this - so can prevent from happening again :-S

Thanks Again
Definitely file corruption - It's very surprising it's happening on 2 distinct servers, with no file synchronization though. The first possible cause that occurs to me, unfortunately, is a virus attack - it'd be worth do`ing a full offline scan of one of the servers with a bootable antivirus disk, and maybe uploading one or  more of the affected files to virustotal or jotti.
You'll also want to narrow down the precise time this started happening and go through the application and system logs with a fine-tooth comb on both servers. Normally I'd suspect disk corruption but it's highly unlikely to have hit both servers - are they in different geographical locations, and are they of similar or the same hardware?
It'd be worth running a chkdsk on both anyway, to rule out hard disk errors. Are all files on the server now unopenable, and do the "date modified" attributes of the corrupt files match the expected time/dates?
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Also, any chance you could upload a file demonstrating this issue somewhere so me and other experts can have a look? Someone else here seems to have had the exact same issue over the weekend, so my money's on a dodgy update (unlikely) or a virus (more likely...).
Hi Paul-Anthony,  unfortunately as per here this appears to have been confirmed as malware...

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Paul-Anthony DableyThinking Forward - Forward ThinkingAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the massive delay in getting back to you
Thanks for all the info - You are right with the Malware
Do you know of anyway to recover the damaged files with documents that are not backed up...?
Paul-Anthony DableyThinking Forward - Forward ThinkingAuthor Commented:
Cryptolocker was the virus. make sure you back up, best solution to this infection...
Hopefully someone will come up with an unencrypted software
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