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I'm working on a website for a friend. She sent me two videos one 32 min the other a continuation of 10 min. I'd like to chop out sections to use on the website I am creating. I am currently using Wordpress to make this site. The Extension for the vids is .mov.

Your thoughts?
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The best way is to upload the video to youtube and then embed a video to your post. - more info about embedding youtube videos to Wordpress post.
dlewis61Author Commented:
hi damjanholsedl

Sounds good but I don't want to use all the video, just sections.
maybe this option can help you?

To start at a certain point in the video, convert the time of that point from minutes and seconds to all seconds, then add that number as shown (using an example start point of 1 minute 15 seconds):

To specify a start and end time for a video, do the same as the above but add the end time as shown: [youtube=]
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I am used to doing all of this the "hard way" in final cut but youtube does make this easy with their video editor

Converting video for web and hosting video is more complex than you would think.  Youtube/vimeo and the likes have this figured out so they are good choices.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
You can also download Media Cope for simple editing.
dlewis61Author Commented:
I have not tried these suggestions yet, but will do so hopefully tonight, and report back :)
Well I would simplify this
install VLC go to the top VIEW tick to show advanced controls
Now you'll see a few more tabs,
Then go to tools preferences and set the video directory I made a folder in my documents
named it VLC, this is where VLC will save the capture and snapshots
You can also use the camera to take screenshots
Drop you video on and play it or drag to desired spot press record and play it at the same time, press the red dot again to stop recording, look in your vlc directory
it will save it as .mp4
1 open advanced options2 set the save to directory3- play and click on the red dot start and stop capture4 the captured file just rename itYou could also use windows live movie maker
drop your .mov on
rightclick the area you want to start, here you mark out and mark in the area you want to cut then save that reload the original
and do the same
I don't have the time to show and I know I have some somewhere I have done but to save time here's a youtube
Windows Live Movie Maker Tutorial #4: Edit Videos (Trim Cut Split) there's more on the right

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