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A/B Test


I was wondering if this logic would work for an A/B test.  Prior to the Google Analytics code running, I was hoping to make a call to  a database that will simply hold a flag of 1 or 0.  Can I have some logic at the top of my index that calls the database and if a 1 is returned show them version A and if 0 is returned show them version B?

I'm asking if you guys think this logic will work for an A/B test?

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Sure, you didn't really say what you are toggling between; different page views?

Here are a couple of extra thoughts.   Are you playing on changing the value from 1 to 0 and back each time the page is shown?  That way you show page A then page B alternating?    But consider that User A should always see the same page view to keep from getting confused.  So perhaps when the user first goes to the site the view he going to see is determined and set in a session variable or a cookie.   Then from then on, he will see that page view.   The next user goes to the site, gets his view assigned to a cookie or session variable and then from then on sees Page B view, etc...
I have a toggle in place that when I have to take the site down for some reason I can switch it in the DB.

<cfif toggle eq 1>
<cfinclude template="live.cfm">
<cfinclude template="dead.cfm">

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Obviously that is an over simplified example but I hope it triggers something that might work for you.
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