Unable to remove receipt policy from exhange 2003 after migration to 2010

In the process of decommissioning our exchange 2003 box after migrating to 2010 and have run into a snag. I'm at the step where I need to remove the Recipient Policies from the 2k3 box and I'm getting a message that I need ESM 8.0 or greater to manage this object. In searching I've found a cmdlet "Set-EmailAddressPolicy “default policy”  -includedRecipients allrecipients" Which errors out. I haven't used the "-forceupgrade" switch yet. I've seen where someone suggested using ADSIedit but didn't provide enough detail on what to delete/modify.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
You don't remove recipient policies as these are email address policies on Exchange 2010.
You do remove Recipient Update Services.

RichardPWolfAuthor Commented:
That's what I thought but this is a snippet of the article I've been using.
Prepare Your Recipient Policies
One important topic to cover is preparing the recipient policies prior to removal of Exchange 2003.  In Exchange 2003, a recipient policy can control email address generation as well as Mailbox Manager settings.  For example, when creating a new recipient policy in Exchange 2003 you are presented with the window shown in Figure 21 where you can see the option to create E-Mail Addresses or Mailbox Manager Settings.

Figure 21: New Recipient Policy
Therefore, policies that have both email addresses and Mailbox Manager settings will have the corresponding tabs present when you view the properties of the recipient policy as shown in Figure 22.  Recipient policies may also only have either the E-Mail Addresses tab or the Mailbox Manager Settings tab.

Figure 22: Recipient Policy With Both Settings
The problem is that later, you will upgrade your recipient policies via an Exchange Management Shell cmdlet.  Policies with Mailbox Manager settings on them cannot be upgraded and thus the Mailbox Manager portion of the policy must be removed.  How you prepare your recipient policies depends on which tabs are present within the policies.  If there is only a Mailbox Manager Settings tab present, this policy should be deleted completely.  To do this right-click the policy in Exchange System Manager and choose Delete from the context menu.
If there are both Mailbox Manager Settings and E-Mail Addresses tabs visible, then right-click the policy and choose the Change property pages… option from the context menu.  You will then be presented with the window shown in Figure 21 although this time both check boxes will be selected.  You need to clear the Mailbox Manager Settings check box to remove this from the policy.
So I take it that I don't need this step?
RichardPWolfAuthor Commented:
OK, did a bit of searching and I believe some of the steps in this article were duplicated. Removed RUS without incident and I'm in the final stages of removing exchange. Thank you.
Before I close this question. Is there a test I can perform to check my new exchange setup to insure I've got a clean good working environment?
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
That article is probably referring to the dual role of Email Address Policy and Mailbox Manager. If you had a mailbox manager policy then that would have to be removed.

There is no single test for a functionaling Exchange environment. The closest you can get is to run EXBPA from the toolbox.


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RichardPWolfAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. All went well as far as I can tell and the old server is now permenently offline.
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